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Margene's Miniatures

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Wizards and Lizards and Weres, Oh My!
1/12th scale miniature hand sculptured character dolls



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The enchanted pumpkins are a 1 in. scale dollhouse accessory.

E-mail to order. We do not accept direct orders because every customer is as unique as the creatures we make for you.
Margene Crossan creates a wide variety of miniature character dolls. The artist specializes in Witches, Wizards, Ghosts, Fantasy Figures as well as Enchanted and Magical Props & Accessories.

"Witch Hoggswort Gourmet Cook". She is 5 1/2in tall. Her arms are moveable. She is holding a handcrafted book by Lisa Lindsy titled, Green Slime Pudding, and other favorites. She is $190.00 plus $6.50 postage and insurance.
"Witch Polly Wogg" loves all creatures great and small. The bat is hand painted pewter. The cat and frog are hand sculptured from polymer clay and hand painted by me. The spider is plastic. Witch Polly Wogg.........$250.00 plus $8.50 postage and insurance.
A Wizard from the 15th century. I borrowed the design for the boots from a manufactured toy, but I made mine from polymer clay. His arms and legs are poseable. Black Wizard...................$250.00 plus $8.50 postage and insurance.
"Franky Frankenstein", my version of Frankenstein's creation. Poor Franky, he wasn't borne a monster, it was the cruelty of humans that made him into a monster. His arms and legs are poseable, his jacket has tiny real wood buttons on it. Franky Frankenstein..................$190.00 plus 46.50 postage and insurance.
My version of Marie Leaveau, renounced Voodoo Queen of New Orleans 1794 to 1881. My Mariea's arms are poseable. Marie never goes anywhere with out her pet snake, "Sombie". She's the perfect companion to the Black Wizard. Voodoo Queen..................$250.00 plus $8.50 postage and insurance.