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The Artist

My name is Margene Crossan. For more than 30 years, I have been making miniature doll house figures. My career included several years working for Walt Disney Enterprises, which served to greatly enhance my skills.

My work is in 1/12 scale. The head, hands and legs of my creations are hand sculptured from polymer clay and, in most, some combination of the head, hands, arms, legs and waist are moveable. All clothing worn by the dolls is hand-crafted and tailored to each figure. I pay great attention to detail when creating the doll costumes. I also try to instill a bit of humor in each of my dolls, even the scary ones. Each doll is signed, dated and numbered.

My inventory has continued to expand to include Enchanted & Magical Props and Accessories, as well as Creepy & Cute Critters and Dragons.

My work has been featured in several magazines including Dolls in Miniature, Small Talk and, most recently, in American Miniaturist.

I have also made two instructional videos: "Sculpting Whimsical Faces" and "Sculpting Characters." I have also created "doll making kits" with press molds for the heads of men, women and children. The kits include the two instructional videos, six pair of unpainted glass eyes and patterns for making a flexible body as well as dozens of patterns for clothing.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my site!

"I'd love to hear from you!"

Photos of Margene Working at Walt Disney Enterprises

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