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Instructional Videos

I have made two instructional videos for MindStorm Production "Master Artisan Series."

SC01: "Sculpting Whimsical Faces". ($24.95 + S&.. Running Time: 79 minutes)
In this video, you learn how to create some delightful characters with a variety of expressions, using the same generic face mold.

SC02: "Sculpting Characters". ($24.95 + S&H.  Running Time: 82 minutes) This video deals with body armatures and clothing as well as faces made from push molds (also known as press molds). It discusses the subjects of hair and beards, hat-making, hands and feet, arms and legs, all kinds of shoes, making realistic clothing from clay, textures, fabric draping and wrinkling.
Additional details such as lace trim, belts, pants, shirts and collars are
also demonstrated.

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