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60's Hippy Bus
This is a special project Margene created for a client that is assembling a 60's rock concert. This Hippy Bus will be just one element of her clients wild 60's scene.
 *** Margene's Hippy Bus won first prize in a "Fad of the 60's" contest on ebay.***
This group of Hippies have their own Rock Band. They follow the open road giving free concerts where ever they travel. They also grow their own "Weed". The Hippy girl sitting on the edge of the roof has a shoe box lid on her lap. In the lid is some "weed" that she is preparing for the Bong at her side. A Ganja plant sits near by. The couple is dancing to the tunes on the radio, The Rasta Man has just rolled a cigar size "Doobie" and is offering it to the others.
"I love doing custom work for my clients! If you have an idea you want to create in miniature, please feel free to contact me at, any time."
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